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ARP - About us

ARP GmbH is a private, independent, Austrian research and developement institue for raw material technology, testing facilities and environmental engineering.

This enterprise was founded by a management buy out from the department for raw materials research of voest-alpine (location in leoben) in 1990, where nearly the total mechanical and infrastructural facilities as well as the technical and scientific know how passed over to the new owner.

Our principles:

We are the most innovative partner within the divisions of processing, recycling and testing.
Our effort takes us to our target -satisfied costumers.The success of our costumers is our sucess!
The most important resources are our motivated employees. For being innovative we support satisfaction and creativity.
Only who today thinks of tomorrow, will exist the day after tomorrow.


Apart from raw material processing we are specialised on process development for preparation of industrial waste products,  generation of valuable material and inertisation of residual material as well as testing of building materials and solid combustibles.

The present pilot and testing equipment consist granulating machinery's (crusher, flivvers etc.)as well as for sorting and thermal treatment (smelters, dryers etc.). Because of the variety of combination opportunities of our maschinery, we are able to simulate processes as found in practice. Our enterprise is fitted with a well appointed laboratory (differential thermal analysis, microscopy, X-ray-diffraction aso.). Therefore we are able to carry out chemical, physical and mineralogical studies and tests in addition to our pilot experiments.