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Combustibles and process engineering

brennstoff.jpgThe gentle and correct application of natural resources and energies is the target of an effective development and optimisation of technologies.
  • Testing of solid fuel
  • Evaluation of carbon and coke
  • Drying and calcination
  • Pyrolysis and gasification
  • Hydro metallurgy

list of scope for coal and coke:

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coking furnace

kohle1.jpg kohle2.jpg
coking furnace
for evaluation of:
  • coal
  • or
  • pellets
for the use in metallurgical processes.

coke retort

coke retort and NSC-drum for
evalutaion of coke.

hot stage micro..

hot stage microscope
for determination of ash melting behaviour.


for determination of the calorific value

Mars furn..

for determination of S, Cl and F

Muffle furn..

Muffle furnaces:
  • to ash and incineration
  • Tiegelkoksbestimmung
  • sample preparation

List of scope rotary furnaces :

Beside the use for trials for process development and optimization are used for wagework (calzination etc.) of different materials.

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laboratory scale

rotary furnace

for development of thermal processes in laboratory scale

test scale

rotary furnace in test scale
  • length of 6m
  • Ø 30 cm
  • Stunde capacity up to 50kg/h
  • parallel and revers flow of gas

pilot plant scale

rotary furnace in pilot plant scale:
  • length of 7m
  • Ø 45 cm
  • capacity up to 100kg/h
  • parallel and revers flow of gas
  • with different atmospheres
  • (air, O2, N2,..)