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c19x.jpg "DekorPigment" is a gernation of anorganical glint pigments, which improve the preferences of the pearlescent as well as the interference pigments. The protruding attributes of this extreme dies-shaped pigments are: 
  • High glint
  • Constant of high temperatures
  • Lightfast and weather-proof
  • Ultra violet lamp constant
  • Chemical inert, in acid or alkalin area
  • Non - combustible, non - explosive
  • mechanical solid, also at high gravities
  • Non - toxic
  •  Physiological harmless   

Try our new "DekorPigment" glint pigments for the
  • varnisch and tints
  • plastics
  • cosmentics
  • finery industry

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b9xa.jpg B-9X:
thermal treated muscovite and Leuchtenbergit.
colour: bronze


c19xa.jpg C1-9X:
thermal treated muscovite.
colour: gold


c29x.jpg C2-9X:
thermal treated muscovite.
colour: gold


k29x.jpg K2-9X:
htermal treated phlogpite.
colour: gold


o9x.jpg O-9X:
thermal treated muscovite.
colour: silver

T- 0

t0.jpg T- 0:
thermal treated iron mica.
colour: metallic black