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Testing of building materials

baustoffbild.jpgThe application of stones building materials is as old as the human being. Today the quality of building materials is a subject of austere rules and demands of standards. The independent testing and controlle of poducing building products by accreditated laboratories create confidence in applicating this products in civil-engineering.
  • Aggregats for asphalt and concrete
  • Materials for building streets
  • Cement- and concrete testing
  • Self testing and external control
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Sand, Flint, stone chips



Our works quality starts with sampling and goes with the raw material till to our laboratories
Depending on the special use the material will be tested according to the valid regulations.
Detecting of the mineral phases:

If there is a certain amount of fines in the material and it should be used for base courses the detection of the mineral phases by XRD has to be done (X-Ray Diffraction) 

cement and concrete

The assembling of concrete of specified quality is done  accoridng to the clients guidelines and the technical demands
The test specimens are produced by norm and tested after hardening according to the claimed tests by existing regulations.
comprehensive and bending tensile strength belong to the most important features of constructive components
Additionally a core sample can be taken and a specific investigation can be done.. 

recycled building materials

In terms of sustainable use of mineralic raw materials, high qualitx recycling materials find their way to the production of new materials for components.
The product quality of recycling materials is influenced by correctly sorting and a gentle treatment while processing.
For the future use testing the quality characeristics of recycling materials according to the norm is indispensable.
Limit values for eluation has to be kept for the further useby recycling materials.