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1. Combustibles and process engineering

(Static Content) ...)   rotary furnace for development of thermal processes in laboratory scale rotary furnace in test scale ...

2. Testing of building materials

(Static Content) The application of stones building materials is as old as the human being. Today the quality of building materials is a subject of austere rules and demands of standards. The independent testing and c

3. Metallurgy

(Static Content) ... (240 kVA submerged arc furnace) Mini - ELNO (submerged arc furnace in laboratory scale) Rotary kiln furnace (L=3,3m; D,=1,4...

4. ARP - About us

(Static Content) ...inery, we are able to simulate processes as found in practice. Our enterprise is fitted with a well appointed laboratory (differential thermal analysis, microscopy, X-ray-diffraction aso.). Therefore ...