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1. Dipl.-Ing. Karin Spielberger

(Contact / ARP Kontakte) Dipl.-Ing. Karin Spielberger, Head of Combustibles and process engineering ,

2. Dipl.-Ing. Franz Wolfgang Mayer

(Contact / ARP Kontakte) Dipl.-Ing. Franz Wolfgang Mayer, Head of Processing,

3. producing phosphate fertiliser

(News/Newsflash - English) ...bsp; This pilot plant is run in cooperation with ARP and is built for improvement and development of the process and testing ashes from potential clients. With the start up of this wolrdwide first p...

4. Welcome

(News/Aktuelles - English) ...g facilities and environmental engineering. Overview of our Services: Processing Development of useful recycling processes Inertisation of filter ...

5. Combustibles and process engineering

(Static Content) ...g furnace for evaluation of: coal or pellets for the use in metallurgical processes. coke retort and NSC-drum for eva...

6. Chemical and mineralogical analyses

(Static Content) ...n is the base of the evaluation of raw materials, products and waste products as well as the efficiency of processes. The europian accreditation provides confidence for testing results. Chemical...

7. Testing of building materials

(Static Content) ...roduct quality of recycling materials is influenced by correctly sorting and a gentle treatment while processing. For the future use testing the quality characerist...

8. Processing

(Static Content) ...g quality inquirements on mineral products effort a constantly adaptation and development at the necessary process engineering. Development of preparation process Assessment of raw materials ...

9. Metallurgy

(Static Content) ....t/a), Cu...Copper (ca. 16Mio.t/a). Million tons of slag, dusts and ashes arise beside the main production processes. Development of useful recycling processes Inertisation of filter ashes ...

10. our Services

(Static Content) Overview of our Services : Processing Development of useful recycling processes Inertisation of filter ashes Resources care and recovery of valu

11. ARP - employees

(Static Content) ...etallurgy Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Wiessler E-Mail:t.wiessler@arp.at Combustibles and process engineering Combustibles and process engineering Dipl....

12. ARP - About us

(Static Content) ... to the new owner. Our principles: We are the most innovative partner within the divisions of processing, recycling and testing. Our effort takes us to our target -satisfied costumers.T...

13. Focus

(Static Content) ...ewable raw materials! ARP went along with this project from the beginning of the development for this process read more.. ...

14. Processing

(Static Content) Any Questions? Head of Processing Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Thomas Mayer E-mail: t.mayer@arp.at or just click here

15. Combustibles

(Static Content) Any Questions? Head of Combustibles   and process engineering Dipl.-Ing. Karin Spielberger E-mail: k.spielberger@arp.at or just click here